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Scott Pilgrim Vs The World (2010) [Review]

Scott Pilgrim starts off simply enough, a comedy about a bunch of twenty-somethings barely making a living in Toronto. That alone would have been a good enough premise to put into the capable hands of Edgar Wright but Scott Pilgrim is a lot more than a simple comedy.

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The Decade of the Superhero Film II

"You forget Hulk? HULK SMASH!"

Never one to capitalise on my 15 minutes in the blogosphere spotlight (coincidentally my Twitter is over there –>) here’s a look at the superhero films I neglected to mention in my earlier article. Looking at the brief list provided by vintagejenta in the comments of my last post it’s safe to say that I had put a mental block on the majority of these films. There’s a lot of crap in here so let’s get started. Continue reading

The Decade of the Superhero Film

Each decade has a certain type of film that it’s remembered for. The eighties had family films like Back to the Future, Ghostbusters and the last two Star Wars films. The nineties had action films like Con Air, The Rock and Goldeneye mixed with Disney classics The Lion King and Toy Story. For the noughties it can only be superhero films. Continue reading