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The Expendables (2010) [Review]

The Expendables is a rarity. A film that could have made millions without a single screenshot or piece of footage being shown before it’s release. It’s trailer could quite easily have been a powerpoint presentation showing nothing but the cast and the title and it still would have had men all over the world weak at the knees. Continue reading


The A-Team (2010) [Review]

Focussing on the plot of this boisterous modernising of the classic 80’s TV show would be missing the point entirely. It has something to do with money-printing plates and there’s a baddie with weird green eyes but the film moves at such a belting pace you’d be lucky to notice even that much. The focus of this big, dumb action film is on the characters and the action. Neither out-shines the other and both are in your face from the get-go. Continue reading