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Scott Pilgrim Vs The World (2010) [Review]

Scott Pilgrim starts off simply enough, a comedy about a bunch of twenty-somethings barely making a living in Toronto. That alone would have been a good enough premise to put into the capable hands of Edgar Wright but Scott Pilgrim is a lot more than a simple comedy.

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The Expendables (2010) [Review]

The Expendables is a rarity. A film that could have made millions without a single screenshot or piece of footage being shown before it’s release. It’s trailer could quite easily have been a powerpoint presentation showing nothing but the cast and the title and it still would have had men all over the world weak at the knees. Continue reading

Black Dynamite (2009) [Review]

The biggest release of the month is The Expendables, a tribute to eighties action movies, bringing together the greatest action stars of past and present for a 90 minutes of blood and explosions. I did not see this movie. Instead I watched another homage to a long-forgotten genre. In the 70s Blaxploitation films were born, a genre made with the sole intention of getting the black community to part with their money on a regular basis. Continue reading

Knight and Day (2010) [Review]

Tom Cruise is an oddity to say the least. Opinions of him are split but watching his interviews it’s clear the guy has charm by the barrel load. That same charm is meant to be the driving force behind Knight and Day but despite his best efforts it just can’t overcome such a nonsensical, forgettable film.

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The Karate Kid (2010) [Review]

The Karate Kid has a story you could write on the back of fly swatter. A young boy and his mother move to China where the boy encounters kung-fu-learning bullies and subsequently learns the way of true kung-fu from a maintenance man. It may be obvious what’s going to happen at nearly every turn but this film is all about the journey and as family films go, it’s a good journey. Continue reading

The A-Team (2010) [Review]

Focussing on the plot of this boisterous modernising of the classic 80’s TV show would be missing the point entirely. It has something to do with money-printing plates and there’s a baddie with weird green eyes but the film moves at such a belting pace you’d be lucky to notice even that much. The focus of this big, dumb action film is on the characters and the action. Neither out-shines the other and both are in your face from the get-go. Continue reading

Get Him To The Greek (2010) [Review]

In Forgetting Sarah Marshall Russell Brand was the surprising highlight in a well-rounded comedy. He was funny as a bit character but that’s all he was, he was the embodiment of the lead’s failures. He was annoying, British but hilarious on occasion. Get Him To The Greek takes that rock and roll character of Aldous Snow and makes him the focal point. That leap from supporting character to star didn’t fill me with much hope, especially from an actor with as little big-time experience as Brand but upon seeing the film I was actually surprised. Continue reading