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Shock and Gore – A Rant

Twilight. Sex in the City. Dance movies. To put it mildly I do not like these films. Despite that I still understand why they all exist, I see the appeal in them even if it doesn’t appeal to me at all. But if there’s one series that I don’t understand and never will, it’s the Saw films. Continue reading


Several Very Annoying Film Characters – In Picture Form

Chris Tucker (Particularly in The Fifth Element)

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Twilight: A Rant

Bad films don’t offend me.

If there were no bad films the world would be a worse place, in fact most of modern cinema’s long-lasting frachises are made up of quite bad films. Both Transformers films, most of the Harry Potter films, the last two Pirates of the Caribbean films. All bad films.

And yet I like those films, they’re entertaining despite their obvious flaws and they’re harming nobody. So why does the Twilight franchise get on my nerves so much? Is it the unsettling religous message of abstinance ? Is it that the actors confuse being emotional with being boring? Is it the painfully slow telling of a very basic story? Yes, yes and yes. But most of all it’s the fact that fans are adament that everything about the films is of the utmost quality. Continue reading