Shock and Gore – A Rant

Twilight. Sex in the City. Dance movies. To put it mildly I do not like these films. Despite that I still understand why they all exist, I see the appeal in them even if it doesn’t appeal to me at all. But if there’s one series that I don’t understand and never will, it’s the Saw films.

There are seven of them. SEVEN FILMS. Why? Well the first was by all accounts a good horror film and one of the sequels was meant to be pretty good too but all too quickly the focus of the film changed. It went from the horror of being trapped in a room, having no idea how you got there and having gory tasks handed to you from a puppet to OH MY GOD LOOK HOW THEY MULTILATED THAT GUY!

Somewhere there are people who come up with new ways to torture, maim and kill people in the Saw films and the host of gore porn flicks around the world. If what they came up with was in a notepad and they worked in a supermarket they would be sectioned, there can be no question about that.

These films are cheap to make but rake in the cold hard cash so why they exist in the eyes of studio execs is clear, and I don’t blame them for churning them out because, apparently, it’s what people want. Lots of people. I don’t know why! Out there, down your street, maybe in the next room, is someone who enjoys seeing people’s ribcages cracked open or their eyes being melted.

From what I know I think there are two types of people who enjoy these films. There are those who get the sick thrill I’ve already mentioned and there are those who watch with friends and laugh their arses off at people in incredible amounts of pain. The latter is slightly better but I don’t see what’s so funny, there’s not even a sick comic timing to the kills like there is in the Final Destinations.

But what do I know? To me gore does not equate to horror. I understand why people see horror films, it’s because being scared is the most effective way of a film connecting with an audience, but I simply don’t see the appeal in what has come to be known, as gore porn.


3 responses to “Shock and Gore – A Rant

  1. I certainly see you point, and as a horror fan, I don’t enjoy an overly gory movie if it has no atmosphere, creepiness or interesting characters. The Saw franchise is nasty and gore-filled, and has gone down hill after Saw III, but I still enjoy them probably for much of the reasons outlined in your post. Would I hold them in the same light as say The Shining or Halloween (original)? Not at all … but as pop-corn entertainment, they still entertain me regardless.

  2. Thank you! I like these films, the first one especially blew me away, but the more recent ones seem to be bloody for the sake of being bloody. I guess they’re hoping to recreate that shock factor they got in the original, but that doesn’t work for me as much as it does for others I guess.

  3. I agree for the most part. I do think that there are two separate sections for me though. You have the first which is gore. I admit I’ll check out a movie just to watch for inventive death scenes because, truth be told, some of them are kinda impressive. And then there’s the second, which is usually more atmospheric and those I watch because I like legitimate horror, but I agree, they are very separate.
    As for Saw, I agree that they’ve gone downhill, but I was actually incredibly impressed by saw VI (I never thought I’d type that phrase) because it had a distinctly political edge. If you ever get around to watching it, I think you’ll see what I mean, but for the most part, I agree.

    – Calhoun

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